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tv   [untitled]    February 6, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PST

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locally, regionally and nationally. and so as we do these things i'm going to continue to talk about our need to support senator feinstein's national effort for the assault weapons ban that she had in the 90's and that expired in 2004. it's going to be a lot more comprehensive and we need to have that. it's going to be an uphill fight, as president obama has reminded us, but we have it keep talking about it. we have to keep it in the forefrupt. we have to keep the pictures of our youth in front of us in everything that we do. this is what i am willing to do and again continue asking everybody for help in the city because the more i do that, the more of the graciousness of our community comes out because this is not something that just law enforcement can do, it's got to be our whole society acting together. thank you. (applause).
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* * * * * * * * * the regularly scheduled meeting of the entertainment commission for february 5th, 2013. can you call the roll? >> commissioner lee? >> here. >> commissioner tan? >> here. >> commissioner hyde? >> here. >> commissioner perez? >> here. >> commissioner joseph? >> here. >> you have a quorum. commissioner akers and enter newlin are absent. >> thank you. item number 1 on our agenda is public comment. this is the time the public has
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an opportunity to address the commission on items of interest to the public that are subject to our jurisdiction but not on the agenda. is there public comment? anything? that's not on the agenda? are you here for an item that's on the agenda? [speaker not understood]. >> okay. seeing no public comment, public comment is closed. item number 2, review and approve the minutes of october 16th and january 15th. commissioners, do we have a motion? >> i move to approve. >> we have a motion. do we have a second? >> second. >> we have a motion and second. is there public comment on the motion? call the roll. >> roll call.
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>> item number 3 is [speaker not understood] from the executive director. >> commissioners, good evening. i am sorry i depth give you anything in writing today. it's been very hectic for us and we do want to get right to the permits because we have a long agendaedthv we just wanted to update you quickly. [speaker not understood] the piece of the legislation. i spoke previously about a piece of legislation introduced last year by supervisor chiu regarding polk street and the creation of the new alcohol use district. and, so, there's been a lot of conversation. there was a meeting at the small business commission and at committee level. i attended a meeting today in supervisor chiu's office to mike changes and amendments to that. so, it continues to morph in different ways and we'll keep the commission updated. i still do have a request in to
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amy chin from the supervisor's office to address you and i guess they feel it's in a place where it may move ahead. there's just a lot of changes to it so it's still happening. we will have a chance to weigh in on that. i wanted to remind the commission, i'm not sure if i told you this or not before. for sometime in over -- pretty much all through 2010, we were -- the commission was addressing the public safety committee at the board of supervisors regarding basically a review of public safety and issues of violence around night clubs and all through 2010 there was a lot to talk about. over the course of 2011 and then pretty much 2012 all of that pretty much bottomed out and we are in a good space right now. the board hasn't asked us to
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come back, but in these cases file numbers stay active until the board makes a decision to close the open hearing file. so, over christmas president chiu asked if we would do one last report to the, what's now public safety and community -- i can't remember the name of it. it's a new board committee. basically to summarize all the things that we've done, all the improvements that have been made. so, the plan right now is to do that on february 1st and we're coordinating with sfpd to man staff as well because we think it's all of our congratulations as well as the things the board has done over those last few years that we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to talk about that. and then address anything that they still think may need our attention. so, that's scheduled for 2-21 and i'll let you know if it changes.
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the commission or staff will be addressing both the small business commission and the planning commission. and i think nicholas is on tap to do both of those this -- well, february 11th is small business commission. and that is on the topic of limited live performance permits. they're interested in how that's been going, interested in assisting small businesses, how many have we issued, how many businesses have come. and in general, i think in terms of enforcement or regulations, how has it been going. there were a lot of promises made, was it a really good idea. i think overall, and nicholas can chime in at some point, but it's been really positive. it's just a little slower than we had hoped. hopefully they will take the opportunity to help us promote this, their live performance permit to more businesses throughout the city so that they can partake in that. and then the planning
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commission is to talk to them i think in general about our process again. there's new planning commissioners all the time. it's not necessarily clear when they are doing cus and conditions on entertainment cu's but they understand what we do in our process. so, we'll take the opportunity to review that with all of the planning commissioners and hopefully inform them as they go forward about the kinds of conditions we're looking for. if those cu conditions stay with property, it is really important they understand what they're doing there. so, that's the seventh, which is soon, thursday. and [speaker not understood] date for the safety summit of may 13th at this point. i haven't done any widespread advertising of that date. so, if there is any commissioners have any concerns
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around that date, it's a monday, as always, let me know soon. otherwise we'll probably proceed and do it at the library as we've done in the past and work on our, you know, panel of speakers and see if we can't hammer out some new or interesting topics to talk about. so, the last thing that i want to do, and it is going to be part of this executive director's report but then i'm going to ask for some interaction with [speaker not understood] and members -- permit holders, is to talk about the corrective actions. there was an incident that occurred near, around the long shore man's hall. i think officer mathias is here. when we have incidents of violence we work a quickly as
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possible to get information and bring those permit holders in for review. so, we were able to bring the long shore man's hall into the office * and with help of central station discuss and go through a long list of conditions. they have a very old permit. it was 1990, that was the date on the permit we have in the office. i believe it had probably been a lot longer than that. those permits [speaker not understood]. the permit, because of its age, had no security plan behind it, had no conditions at all. and obviously it was time to review with them what we expect in 2013 who the commission is, what we do. and it was a really productive meeting. roj is handing out the set of conditions we reviewed with them. what i'd like to do is have the
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commission consider these and make a motion to impose them into the permit so we can, if you will, recondition the permit so they include these. and then going forward, we expect compliance. so, i don't know if this is a good time to -- >> can we wait till the end of the report for this so the commissioners have a chance to read it? >> sure. that is pretty much the end of my report. i'll hand it over to roj to do his edition and talk about the long shore men. >> [speaker not understood]. >> good evening, commissioners. as director cain said, we do have a bit of a long agenda so we'll just kind of go through it. you'll see on the -- my report that i supplied to you guys,
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there's a few high notes before we get there. one, i'd like to talk about the super bowl a little bit that just happened recently. unfortunately the niners lost, but at the same time we were the city across the board both sfpd and other departments and ourselves were out there. people were deployed just to make sure that if the niners did win and the revelery got out of hand, it would be contained. there was no revelery, so it went off pretty great. just as the game ended, we did have a moment about 20 minutes, maybe half an hour where we did get a lot of calls to service. and some incidents, but again, nothing too major. they were actually pretty minor and it quieted off very quickly. bad news is the niners lost. the good news is we didn't have any major incidents that day connected to the game or so forth.
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even though -- and overall, as we tour the city, a lot of bars were -- some were very busy, but a lot were not. i think a lot of people ended up staying home to watch the game. so, there is definitely a bump in business for a lot of places on their normal sunday, but at the same time we only ran into maybe three or four real overcrowding issues, which when you think about it, we expected it to be much worse. so, that's good news. on the list you'll see a few items that have come up. obviously we [speaker not understood] an issue. we've really been reaching out through the different stations. definitely would like to applaud both mission stations, southern and central for really making a concerted effort to work with the different clubs and get the word out for the clubs, venues and club staff to work for pick pockets and work on what's going on if that continues to happen. we are seeing more, catching
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more people involved in this and so forth. but again, each of those stations has really been putting in a lot of effort to kind of get the word on worthing with permitted venues to try to stem the tide of that. so, that's important. but it's unfortunately still happening at a pretty high volume. you'll see that -- let's see -- we only issued one citation over the last month, which was to the cafe for security plan violation. and a number of n.o.v.'s, again, predominantly sound and some good neighbor policy. also some obviously operating without a permit. but overall we have a few things we've been working with. brick and mortar as this commission knows, there's been ongoing problems with sound. they've been doing increasing sound inspections which will be next week and make the
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neighbors happy and wrap that up with one final issue. skylark, this commission knows we've had continuing problems there. we're seeing less problems there after the meeting with sfpd and the managers of the skylark. and imposing new security plan conditions. so, we are seeing some definite increase. as far as better practices going on overall, and again with our cooperation with different area stations and meeting with ownership to get new and better practices up and running. so, i'll leave the rest for you guys to weed through and if you have any questions. >> commission, the executive director's report before we go to the motion. >> yeah, i had a question about the limited live permits. i was wondering myself and then someone had also asked me, have we gotten a bunch of complaints on the limited live permits? i said i didn't believe we had,
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but -- >> i don't know that we've gotten more than maybe one, anything, four in total really. not many. >> okay. >> it's a tiny portion and that obviously is because of the nature of that permit, and that was the reason behind limiting it to 10:00 p.m. so, relatively speaking, absolutely [speaker not understood] number. >> and is it where you're going to present, is that cons, the community -- >> so, the presentation regarding the sort of safety around night clubs is called scones, s-c-o-n-s. the mixture of public safety and [speaker not understood] [speaker not understood]. >> okay. for the meeting that you're having with the planning commission on the 11th -- is it the 11th? >> the 7th.
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>> i don't know. does it make any -- is there any advantage for any of the commissioners to be there or [speaker not understood]? >> sure, you. [laughter] >> you're free to come by. i believe item 12 or 13 on the agenda. i can't tell you when it's going to go, around 4:00-ish, but i'm happy to have moral support if you can come. >> thank you. is a member of the long shore man's here? -- hall here? can you come up? i'd love if we can have the police for the incident so you know what we're talking about and why the conditions are the way they are. it will give you some context. >> officer mathias, come on up. >> good evening, [speaker not
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understood] and staff. stephen ma thigh as. -- mathias. on january 19th they were having a private party. the promoter, one of the members from the long shore man's hall who had had [speaker not understood], it's my understanding he was promoting these in the past, but for this particular one he he had brought in some other promoters. and earlier in the evening there was an altercation between a couple different groups or two different groups. i guess somebody's chain was ripped off their neck. so, there was a fight inside the long shore man hall. it was broken up and i guess the people were ejected. there was one group that refused to leave. he wanted to get his chain back. so, that continued to be a problem throughout the night and police were not called for that. after the dance, it went outside and the two groups met up again. somebody produced a gun and
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there were -- people scattered. i think there were between -- i think there were eight shots fired. hit different objects, but also hit a 15 year old boy, hit him in the head, went around and lodged behind his ear. he ended up surviving, but when that happened, obviously we had a large police response to that. person was taken -- was found at the hospital when the police were called. there was a gunshot victim at the hospital. when the police responded, and we're speaking with the different people at the long shore man hall, there were some difficulties getting information. that was one of the things that got a little bit disturbing, that we had a shooting and we had a lot of things we had to find out. besides -- the altercation caused security to throw out a few groups out different doors, but one male refused to leave
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until he found his chain. at that point the police should have been called. if you have somebody that's not following directions -- we had a fight, it's with a group, whether adults or kids we still have the potential. so, i think it was very poor that the police were not called. had we been able to show up, it's quite possible the people with the gun would have taken off. i have to say the security did -- they did search the people as they were going in. most likely the weapon was in a car outside. i think we averted a problem inside the club or inside the hall. the shots, the casings were found right outside the club on the sidewalk and on the property. but one of the things in here, sergeant gains went out there and was trying to get information from the security and from the promoter and the long shore man hall. sergeant gains said i attempted to speak to an older black man who refused to identify
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himself. [speaker not understood] saidway representing the [speaker not understood] at the event. the older male would only give me the telephone number for the hall. i know that we're asking for a lot of conditions. this came through in 1991 where conditions weren't a part of it. i'm kind of looking for a new beginning. i think it's a good chance for us to have -- bring this into kind of modern times and to make it safe. so, a lot of the things we're looking for both in the safety plan and also how they're going to do things i think will make it much safer. long shore man hall wants to safe, the police department wants it safe. anybody with their kids at an event like this wants it safe. so, i'm just urging you to take a look at the recommendations and hopefully -- >> i have two questions. >> yes. >> when you say private party, does that mean they weren't charging at the door? >> i'm sorry. long shore man, it's not generally a place that's open like a club all the time. >> right.
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>> i think private party, it was still open to the public and they were charging at the door. >> okay. and was the 15 year old an attendee of the party? >> yes, he was. >> do you know if they were serving alcohol? >> no, they were not. >> okay, great. reminds me of the ymca in [speaker not understood]. does anybody else have questions? >> the security, was that long shore man security or did the promoter hire the security? >> the promoters hired the security. >> anybody else? okay, thank you. so, now, will the representative of the long shore man's hall come up? >> commissioners, just before the representative from the long shore man hall speaks, just to also follow-up what officer mathias said, we did meet with representatives from the long shore man hall.
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we had an extensive list of conditions that we really worked through with them, which has kind of paired down to what you see in front of you. so, i just want, once again, to reiterate what officer mathias said, which is a lot of work went into these particular conditions, not only from sfpd's and ec staff, but also us working with the long shore man hall. so, you know, we've discussed this with them pretty heavily as well. >> hi. >> good evening. thank you. my name is jim shore, and i represent the bay area long shore man's memorial association which is actually the legal owner of the hall. and first of all, i just want to publicly state how saddened we are about the violence and the fact that it took place at all. second of all, i just want to make sure that this commission understands how seriously we
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take this incident. and we are -- we have not had problems in the past. we're going to do everything we can to make sure we don't have problems in the future. we're not going to have any -- no events at all in the month of february while we work this out with your staff and with this commission to make sure that all of the reasonable conditions that we can comply with everything and make sure that it all, it all works ought. -- out. we also have not had a chance, although inspector grinelli pointed out i think we had a very productive meeting. we have not had a chance to sit daunt with the police department, but again, we want to point out that we intend to do that. * down i talked to them before this meeting, and we will be fully cooperative with them and this commission to make sure that we do everything humanly possible to make sure this kind of thing never [inaudible]. >> mr. shore, i just wanted to ask -- i just wanted to ask you
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if you understood some of these conditionses. condition number 3 asks you to do pat downs. if you have promoters bringing in security, there is no way you can be assured that pat downs will be done in a, you know, a really good manner. have you thought of making a contract with the security company directly for the long shore man's hall, which means you maintain control of your building instead of giving it up to a promoter? >> yes, yes, ma'am. that was what was contemplated in our discussion with -- >> yes, i would suggest that you do that. those pat downs can be and nothing. so, i think that's really important. and item number 7 it says there will be two security guards posted outside the venue to keep the sidewalks and parking lots clear. do you understand these are not the same people who are doing the pat down?
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right? >> yes. >> okay. i just want to make sure it's clear. and then, so, if you hire someone [inaudible] for your bar and you're asking them for their abc license insurance, leave cart, do you know what a leave cart is, to make sure you know what you're asking for? a leave card is something that's issued by the abc certifying that you took a training from the abc in the service of alcohol and how to recognize drunks and so on and so forth. and i'm sure one of us can give you a copy and let you know what it looks like. * we card >> to interrupt further, we had a discussion regarding that kind of thing. it would be best if the long shore man's hall had a preferred list of vendors that would provide to people who were renting the hall so that they were just like with
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security, they would rent -- have their own security, meaning that the preferred vendors would be those which are trained and obviously prepared to do the right thing. >> he okay, that's a great idea. * last but not least, you understand that item number 10, which is electronic surveillance, is video cameras around the outside and the inside of the premises, around the outside of the premises it says, yes? >> that was my understanding of the condition, yes. >> that's all of my questions. anybody else have any other questions? commissioner hyde? >> number 13, the good neighbor policy will be attached to the permit. that's so it will be carried out, right, as part of the -- >> um-hm. >> okay. >> anybody else? commissioner tan. >> so, it's really unfortunate to hear about the incident that happened. it sounds like you're taking all the measures you need to to pry to prevent them from hang in the future. * try i'm curious about how your business operates. how many events do you plan on
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a month, or how many generally come in? >> well, there aren't that many that occur. it's relatively sporadic throughout the year. there's not a regular event that occurs there, you know, after hours. but there was -- there's not going to be any events in february. there may be one event in march, assuming we can get these conditions worked out and come into compliance with those. and then perhaps in april. it can only be leased by a member. >> are you generally just taking people that solicit your venue, or do you -- is there some sort of promotion that you do of the space? >> right now there's no independent promotion of the space. >> okay. i ask because, you know, i think kind of recruiting the right type of event and type of promoters into your venue is really important to figure out what kind of crowds you're
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bringing. and, so, you know, it sounds like it's sporadic, but i think if you are trying to be a little bit more intentional about who you recruit and having procedures around that, that would really benefit. do you have any criteria right now or is it just whoever says they want to and if it's available? >> yeah, it's my understanding right now that the only people that can actually lease it are the members. >> oh, themselves? >> of the bay area long shore man memorial association. so, they're the ones that come in. there is a criteria. that's going to get reviewed as well. and i just also wanted to acknowledge that the treasurer of balma, the landowner, is here today, chris christian son. and -- but, yeah, it's just a matter of making sure that the -- and we are going to do this to make sure that the balma board that approves all these permits is very clear with the commission, with your staff in terms of what the term are and
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going forward. we intend to be very conscientious. >> great. it would be wonderful if you could actually share that with us. a lot of this is dealing with the security and what happens to prevent inch did herthctiontionv. if would be good to know how you're just operating your business in general. thank you. >> commissioner [speaker not understood]? >> long shore man has been around a long time. i've had parties there in the '80s and whatever. but now that the clubs have pretty much tightened up, you're going to be getting probably entertained to a lot of teen parties since there's no liquor there. and the parking lot -- and that's always been my thing. the parking lot is kind of open, dark. i don't know if you have lit it, you have really bright parking lot lighting there. that's part of your security plan or not.